Why You Should Visit Hayden Valley: 7+ Reasons to Make you go!  

Some History first 

It was named for Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden, who led the 1870s survey expedition that first explored the area.

The Yellowstone River takes a big bend through Hayden Valley

This area is home to approximately 1,500 bison and 150 elk, which feed on lush grasses and willows that grow along the river bank 

In springtime, grizzly bears emerge from hibernation 

The Hayden Valley is also home to wolves 

Fishing in the Hayden Valley is best done early in the morning  

The Hayden Valley Trail passes through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the park

The Mary Mountain Trail is an easy hike in Yellowstone National Park 

The Howard Eaton Trail is a 12-mile loop trail in Hayden Valley, Yellowstone National Park that features beautiful views of the park 


Our Favorite Campground in the Hayden Valley

The Wild - Bridge Bay Campground 

Hayden Valley is an important part of Yellowstone National Park and a great place to see wildlife. It's also a beautiful area for horseback riding