Catskill Mountains: 5 Of Our Favorite Hikes!

Cliffs cut by rivers, stunning Waterfalls and ancient forests characterize this paradise

Aand.. it's JUST 2 HOURS away from New York!!!

Sam's Point Area: best hike for diverse landscape

7.4 miles round trip, 4-5 hours, moderate

Kaaterskill Falls: best waterfall hike

1.6 miles round trip, 1-2 hours, Moderate

Bonticou Crag: best hike for beginner-level rock climbing

2.3 miles round trip, 2 hours, difficult

Overlook Mountain: best hike for panoramic view

4.6 miles round trip, 3 hours, moderate

Devil's Path: best hike for adventurous backpacker

25 miles from point to point, 2-3 days, Difficult