Here are 10 tips for successfully catching the elk rut this year. At the end we also give you 7 best places to do so!

Golden Moments: Catch the early or late "golden hours" for ethereal elk sights.

Whispering Woods: Tread softly; nature's show is best in silence. 

Safe Spectating: Zoom in with binoculars, not footsteps. Safety first! 

Rut Ready: Dive into the elk's love season drama with a little background read. 

Tune In: Listen! Elk bugles are nature's soundtrack in October. 

Ranger Wisdom: Join ranger-led tours for inside scoops and tidbits. 

Dress to Impress: Stay comfy and blend in with quiet, layered attire. 

Nature's Theater: Share your "seat" and respect fellow nature enthusiasts. 

Snapshot Wonders: Camera ready, flash off! Snap the magic. 

Beat the Buzz: Opt for early or weekday visits to dodge the crowds. 

ATTACHED - 7 Places to see the rut and have a great vacation!