Out of everywhere we've been, Diablo Lake in Washington tops the curiosity list. Perhaps our trail coverage? Here's 12 frequent questions!

Ever wonder why Diablo Lake's such a dreamy turquoise? Thank glacial silt for that Insta-worthy hue!

Fancy a swim in Diablo Lake? Go for it, but brace yourself - it's glacier-chill levels of cold! 

Want to hike Diablo Lake? Put on those boots for a 7.6-mile adventure. Snack breaks recommended. 

Getting to Diablo Lake? Take the scenic North Cascades Highway. Trails will guide your descent. 

Dive alert! Lake Diablo's a deep one, plunging about 389 feet down. That's like a 38-story building! 

Spotting wildlife at Diablo Lake? Keep those eyes peeled for eagles, marmots, and deer, making every trip a wild surprise! 

What's the buzz about Diablo Lake? Think: eye-popping turquoise waters framed by majestic mountains. 

How cold is the water? It's "forget the ice for my drink" cold. Think under 50°F! 

For the ultimate Diablo Lake selfie? Head to the Overlook on North Cascades Highway.  

Should you visit Diablo Lake? Absolutely! It's nature's version of a blockbuster movie. 

Will you always find Diablo Lake in its iconic blue shade? Not always, but even its mood swings are gorgeous! 

Need a pit stop near Diablo Lake? Rockport, Washington's your spot. Grab a snack and mingle with the locals. 

Here is our complete guide to the Diablo Lake Trail!