Here we address common questions (we had them too) about Yellowstone. So Follow as admit all we did not know!

The best time to visit Yellowstone National Park is from mid-April to early June or from September to early November.

Yes, There are Grizzly bears! We've seen in the Lamar and Hayden valleys. 

The Grand Loop Road: This is the main road that runs through the park, connecting the park’s major attractions. 

Should I drive, bike, or walk in the park?  I'd spend 7 days on foot. Briefly driving to common attractions!

There are many ranger-guided tours available at Yellowstone National Park 

While swimming is generally discouraged in Yellowstone’s lakes and rivers, there are some designated swimming areas in the park 

The weather in Yellowstone can change quickly, often with little warning. Bring layers to accommodate temperatures that may range from 30 degrees F to 90 degrees F and wind speeds up to 60 miles per hour (mph). 

Yellowstone is the biggest national park in the lower 48 states, at nearly 2.2 million acres. 

The closest airport is the Yellowstone Airport in Cody, Wyoming,

Yes, there's a grand canyon of Yellowstone!

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