Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone National Park: 9 things to Know Before you go

Shortest Way to Reach is from the north Entrance

The best time of year to visit Mammoth Hot Springs may be early summer or early fall

Drive the Upper Terraces Loop drive and see the upper terraces - takes about 10 minutes by car.

3 terraces that make up the Upper Terraces  >>>>>>>>>

Canary Spring  

Palette Spring  

Minerva Terrace 

The lower terraces are a accessible by a walking loop which are a good climb and descent

3 terraces that make up the lower terraces are   >>>>>>>>>>>>

Angel Terrace

New Highland Terrace  

Orange Spring Mound 

Soaking or swimming is not allowed in any of Yellowstone's hot springs because it is dangerous for visitors, as well as damaging the hot springs.

Visit the  Fort Yellowstone Historic District after the terraces

Before your day starts get a map and ask for information at the Albright Visitor Center