Crystal Lake Campground In Angeles National Forest: A In-Depth Guide!

Crystal Lake Campground
Your ultimate guide to Crystal Lake Campground for the perfect outdoor adventure.

Ready to switch up your scenery with a bit of outdoor adventure? Let’s talk about Crystal Lake Campground, the hidden gem of Angeles National Forest.

It’s the go-to spot for anyone eager to swap city noise for the sounds of nature. Here, you’ll find all the nitty-gritty details on setting up the perfect campsite, what to pack, and the scoop on activities that’ll make your stay memorable.

Whether you’re looking to hike, stargaze, or just chill by the campfire, this guide is your ticket to making the most out of Crystal Lake’s rustic charm. Get ready to pitch your tent and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the great outdoors!

An Overview of Crystal Lake Campground

Crystal Lake Campground is a beautiful spot for camping and fishing in Angeles National Forest. The campground is situated near the Crystal Lake Recreation Area, which offers hiking, boating, picnicking, and horseshoe pits. 

There are 50 Campsites, a Maximum RV length is 22 feet with no hookups and Potable water is available Camping. The camping fee is $12 per night per site.

The maximum stay at Crystal Lake Campground is 14 days. Check-in time is 2:00 pm, and check-out time is 12:00 pm. During your stay at the campground, you must practice Leave No Trace principles in order to protect the natural resources of the area. This means packing out all of your trash, disposing of greywater properly, and respecting the wildlife.

Crystal Lake Campground is a great spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With easy access to hiking trails, fishing spots, and picnic areas, it’s the perfect place to enjoy all that Angeles National Forest has to offer.

Location and amenities of the campground

Crystal Lake Campground is located in the Angeles National Forest, about 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The campground is situated along Crystal Lake Road, at an elevation of 5,600 feet.

The campground offers 30 sites for tents or RV camping, as well as 2 group sites. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire ring. Restrooms with flush toilets and running water are available, but there is no shower facility at the campground.

Amenities nearby the campground include a general store, horseback riding rentals, and hiking trails. Crystal Lake itself is only a short walk from the campground and offers fishing, swimming, and boating opportunities (non-motorized boats only). 

For those interested in exploring the area, the Angeles Crest National Scenic Byway is a great resource. The byway takes travelers along some of California’s most iconic landscapes and provides access to many of the recreation areas in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Types of camping spots

There are two types of camping spots at Crystal Lake Campground: Lakeside and Hillside. Lakeside sites are closest to the water and have the best views but can also be more crowded. Hillside sites are set back from the lake and offer more privacy, but they may not have as good of a view. 

The campground also offers primitive camping sites, which are available for those who prefer to use tents and have a more rustic experience. These sites usually have no electricity or running water, and they’re often located in wooded areas away from other campers. Some of these spots can be reserved, while others are left for first-come, first-served visitors.

What to do

If you’re looking for things to do around town while staying at Crystal Lake Campground, there are plenty of options. For starters, you can take a dip in the lake itself or go hiking and exploring the surrounding Angeles National Forest. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try your hand at rock climbing.

two Crystal Lake Campground

In terms of more tourist-oriented activities, the Mount Wilson Observatory is a great option. You can also visit the Santa Anita Canyon, which is home to a number of waterfalls. Whatever you end up doing, you’re sure to have a great time! 

Other activities that are only a short drive away include going to Universal CityWalk, Six Flags Magic Mountain, the L.A. Zoo, and the La Brea Tar Pits. Finally, you can even make a day trip out of exploring downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, or the beaches in Malibu. No matter what kind of things interest you, there’s plenty to do at Crystal Lake Campground!

Rules and regulations for camping in Angeles National Forest

There are a few rules and regulations to be aware of when camping in Angeles National Forest. First and foremost, all campers must obtain a permit from the Forest Service prior to setting up camp. Camping is only allowed in designated areas, and campers must abide by all posted signs and regulations. 

three Crystal Lake Campground

Additionally, open fires are only permitted in designated fire rings, and wood gathering is limited to dead and down wood. Finally, all food must be stored properly in order to prevent attracting wildlife.

Tips for Camping at Crystal Lake

In order to have the best possible experience while camping at Crystal Lake, it is important to be prepared. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

-Pack plenty of food and water, as no services are available at the campground.

-Bring any necessary camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bags, and a camp stove.

-Be aware of the bears in the area and take precautions to avoid attracting them, such as storing food properly.

four Crystal Lake Campground

-Stay on designated trails and do not disturb the natural surroundings. 

-Be familiar with the area’s regulations and abide by them.

-Make sure to bring a first aid kit in case of an injury or other medical emergency.

-Be mindful of fire safety and follow campground guidelines with respect to open flames.

-Have fun and enjoy all that Crystal Lake has to offer!

The Crystal Lake Campground is a beautiful, secluded spot in Angeles National Forest. The campsites are large and well-spaced out, providing plenty of privacy. The lake is clean and clear, perfect for swimming, fishing, or just relaxing. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the campground is well-maintained.

Previous guests have given the Crystal Lake Campground high marks for its scenic beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and great amenities. Many have said it’s the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and relax in nature. 

Several reviewers have also mentioned that the campground is great for families with children, as there’s plenty of space for kids to run around and explore.

Wildlife in Angeles National Forest

The Angeles National Forest is home to an array of wildlife, including mule deer, black bears, coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats. There are also a variety of birds that can be seen in the forest, such as the golden eagle, American kestrel, and northern goshawk.

five Crystal Lake Campground

Visitors to Angeles National Forest should be aware of these animals and take precautions when camping or hiking in the area. 

Angels National Forest is also home to a variety of amphibians including the western pond turtle, red-legged frog, and California newt. California salamanders and several species of lizards are commonly seen as well.

The forest also serves as a refuge for rare wildlife species such as the California condor, San Diego pocket mouse, and arroyo southwestern toad. Endangered plant species like the coast leather flower can be found here too.


We hope you have enjoyed our complete guide to Crystal Lake Campground in Angeles National Forest. Whether you’re looking for a great outdoor getaway with breathtaking views, or if you want an exciting place to spend the weekend, this campground is sure to provide an unforgettable experience. 

From its convenient access and proximity to nearby attractions, it offers all of the amenities needed for a memorable stay that will be talked about for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Pack your gear and get ready for a fun filled adventure at one of the best campsites around!

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