Why the Indian Mounds Campground is a Personal Favorite in the Iconic Sabine National Forest

Indian mounds campground
Explore the Indian Mounds Campground in Sabine National Forest, just 15 miles from Hemphill. Dive into activities, wildlife, and a unique camping experience!

The Indian Mounds Campground is a great place to camp while visiting the Sabine National Forest.

The campground is located only 15 miles from Hemphill and makes a perfect getaway!

Just 2 miles from the entrance to the National Forest, Indian Mounds Campground allowing you access to a host of activities including fishing holes and hikes to the many trails. Let’s take a look at the different things you can do when visiting the Indian Mounds Campground.

About Sabine National Forest

Sabine National Forest is located in southwest Louisiana. It was created in 1938 and is managed by the U.S. Forest Service. The forest is home to many birds and animals, such as alligators, beavers, black bears, bobcats, wild boars and several types of snakes and turtles.

Sabine National Forest is divided into three districts: Neotomas District, Angelina District and Sabine District.

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Indian Mounds Campground is a small and remote camping site with only 14 campsites located on the Angelina district section of Sabine National Forest near Hemphill off Texas Highway 87 exit from Interstate 10 about 4 miles from Texas/Louisiana state line between Lake Sam Rayburn Dam to the north or Toledo Bend Reservoir to south east side).

The Sabine National Forest is the largest national forest in Texas and one of the most popular destinations for camping and hiking. The forest covers 1.6 million acres in northeast Texas, stretching from the Red River to the Louisiana border, and from Longview to Nacogdoches.

The national forest is located in the Piney Woods ecoregion, which gets its name from the pine trees mixed with hardwood forests. The terrain varies from dense forests to open prairies, making it a diverse environment for wildlife and plants. The area also has several large lakes, including Sam Rayburn Reservoir and Toledo Bend Reservoir.

The Sabine National Forest offers visitors many recreational opportunities including camping, hiking, fishing and boating. There are more than 200 miles of trails for hiking or biking through pine forests and over rolling hills.

Wildlife in Sabine

The Sabine National Forest is a 1.5 million acre forest in Southeast Texas that contains some of the last large tracts of old growth bottomland hardwood forest in the United States. It’s also home to a host of rare and endangered species, as well as many that are more common.

The Sabine National Forest is home to more than 150 species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds. The most famous of these is the American alligator, which can be found in many areas of the forest including along the Toledo Bend Reservoir. Other notable animals include black bear, bobcat, white-tailed deer, raccoon and beaver.

Sabine National Forest

Among the most interesting animals living in the Sabine National Forest are members of three groups that are either endangered or threatened by extinction:

Piping plover – An endangered bird found along the Gulf Coast from Texas through Florida;

Texas tortoise – A threatened reptile whose range includes southeastern Texas;

Mexican gray wolf – An endangered wolf that once roamed throughout much of the southwest United States (including parts of Texas) but now exists only in Mexico and Arizona.

Bears Have made a come back in this part of the USA

The Sabine National Forest is home to a large population of black bears, which are also known as American black bears.


Black bears have come back from near extinction in Louisiana due to habitat loss and overhunting. They were declared extinct in Louisiana in the 1960s but were reintroduced into the state in the 1980s. Today, they live throughout the state and have been spotted as far west as Barataria Bay.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says that black bears prefer wooded areas with an abundance of berries, nuts and fruits for food sources. They also eat insects such as ants and termites when looking for protein sources.

Black bears can grow up to 400 pounds but average 200 pounds when fully grown. They are known for their dark brown or black coat with lighter colored fur on their chest and muzzle area.

Indian Mounds Campground

Indian Mounds Recreation Area, located on the 185,000-acre Toledo Bend Reservoir, is maintained and operated by the Sabine River Authority of Texas. The area offers camping, fishing and boating all year.

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The campground has a full-service marina with fuel, bait and tackle, a convenience store and restaurant. A dump station is available at no charge.

The recreation area offers fishing and boating access to Toledo Bend Reservoir. The reservoir’s piers are open year-round for fishing; however, they are closed during winter months due to cold temperatures. Fishing is allowed from shoreline areas or boats with motors no larger than 25 horsepower.

There are several boat ramps around the reservoir where you can launch your boat onto Toledo Bend Reservoir. You may fish from these ramps but cannot use them as permanent mooring sites.

The Indian Mounds Campground and it’s surroundings are great for observing wildlife, specially the resurgent black bear population. The area offers excellent opportunities for hunting waterfowl on the reservoir and hunting deer and squirrel. Hiking the famous mounds are another activity drawing hikers to this camp.


Directions from Hemphill Texas to Indian Mounds Campground

hemphill to indian mounds campground

From Hemphill, Texas head south on US-83 S. Take exit 32 for TX-349 toward Dimmitt/Eden/Karnes City/Lovington.

Merge onto US-83 S and continue to follow US-83 S through Eden, Texas. Turn right at FM-1823 N (signs for Indian Mounds Campground).

Continue on FM 1823 N until you reach the Indian Mounds Campground entrance on the right side of the road.

You Should take 30 minutes to complete the 20 mile journey and find yourself in the midst of nature!


The Indian Mounds Campground is the perfect place to get away from it all. It’s a great place to spend some time with family and friends while enjoying nature and its many splendor!

Indian Mounds Campground is a great place to take your family camping. The area contains many activities for children and adults alike. It has a small lake that is perfect for fishing.

And don’t worry, you can catch all types of fish including bluegill, channel catfish, and largemouth bass! Along with fishing there are plenty of trails to hike on.

When hiking keep an eye out for even more wildlife such as bears, deer, coyotes and wild boar! So when in the area, make sure to stop by Indian Mounds Campground.

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