8 Unique Animals in Virginia Seen on a Camping Trip!

camping in virginia wildlife
Discover unique Animals in Virginia while camping: opossums, black bears, deer, and more. A guide to the state's fascinating wildlife awaits you!

Virginia is known for being a place with beautiful scenery, but it’s also home to some amazing wildlife.

If you’re camping in Virginia, you’ll be able to see some of the most interesting creatures in America. Here are just a few:

Virginia opossum

The Virginia opossum is a nocturnal creature that can be found in forests and urban areas. It’s not dangerous to humans, but its appearance may frighten you if you don’t know what it is.

virginia opossom

The Virginia opossum is native to Virginia and eats fruit, insects and rodents. It has a long, prehensile tail that it uses to hang from branches when sleeping or eating. These creatures are also known for their distinctive white “moon” on the back of their neck that looks like a large eye when viewed from behind! The animals have sharp teeth that they use for defense against predators (like coyotes), but they’re not harmful to humans at all!

If you’re camping in Virginia one night during this season, keep an eye out for these furry little creatures–they might just surprise you by visiting your campsite during the evening hours!

Gray squirrels

This species of squirrel is native to Virginia, and you’ll often see them thanks to the abundance of trees and their ability to thrive in suburban areas.

grey squirrel

The gray squirrel is one of the most common species in Virginia and is found throughout the state. They live among urban, suburban, and rural areas, making them easy to spot in any natural setting. Although they prefer living in wooded areas with a lot of trees and brush surrounding them (particularly along streams), they are also commonly seen around homes where food sources are plentiful.

American black bear

If you’re planning a camping trip to Virginia, be sure to check out the American black bear. This bear has a reputation for being shy and retiring, but if you’re lucky enough to spot one, you’ll get a glimpse into the animal’s natural beauty. They grow to about eight feet in length and weigh about 600 pounds, so they’re one of the largest bears in North America.


The American black bear can be found throughout most of Virginia, though they are most common in central areas like Shenandoah National Park and Great Dismal Swamp. They live alone or in small groups consisting of mothers with their cubs (typically two) or adult males without mates.

Despite their fearsome appearance, American black bears are actually quite timid creatures who will usually avoid humans whenever possible. If you do encounter one on your camping trip, however, take care not to approach it too closely or make loud noises that might startle it.

  • With populations of these animals increasing in Virginia, there’s a good chance you might see one when camping in the state.
  • Bears are usually shy around people, but if they feel threatened or your group becomes food-aggressive (for example by leaving food out) they will become aggressive as well.
  • Bears are most often seen in the woods or in rural areas.

Red fox

While camping in Virginia, you may be lucky enough to spot a red fox. These beautiful creatures are common throughout the state, and are often seen near campgrounds. They are nocturnal, so you may see them during the day if they have been disturbed by humans or dogs. They tend to avoid people, but will approach food sources such as garbage cans or open coolers at campgrounds.

Red fox

Red foxes are omnivorous and eat small animals, insects, fruit and berries when they can get them. They also eat mice and other rodents when they can catch them.

Red foxes use their strong sense of smell to find food sources and dig for worms in the ground when it is too cold outside for other types of prey to be active. The only time that red foxes hunt large animals like deer or rabbits is when those animals are sick or injured because otherwise they cannot catch them due to their speed compared to smaller prey species like squirrels or rabbits

These creatures are shy around people, these creatures are common in the state and can live near suburban areas as long as there are plenty of wooded areas for them to explore. Despite their name, though, they’re not actually red at all—they’re usually gray or brown with white fur on their chests. They’re related to both wolves and arctic foxes!

There are several locations in Virginia where you can go camping and see red foxes:

-Appalachian Trail

-Bear Creek Lake State Park

-Blacksburg Municipal Park

-Brookneal Wildlife Management Area

-Cedar Creek Lake State Park

White-tailed deer

Virginia has a bit of an issue with deer overpopulation, so it’s no surprise you’ll likely see a white-tailed deer or two while camping in the state.

White tailed deer

White-tailed deer are one of the most common wildlife you’ll see in Virginia. They can be found throughout the eastern half of the state and have a habit of wandering onto roads, where they often cause car accidents. In addition to being a nuisance for drivers, white-tailed deer are also dangerous to people and pets who get too close when they’re mating season (June through October). During this time, bucks will fight with each other over territory or doe mates.

The White-tailed deer is also called by some other names, including Virginia deer and simply deer. The White-tailed deer lives in forests and woodlands throughout North America and even into parts of Central America.

White-tailed deer are small animals with long legs and large ears and antlers that are shed every year. They use these antlers for fighting other males for mating rights to females.

White-tailed deer eat grasses, herbs, leaves, nuts and twigs from trees. They also sometimes eat insects when food is scarce during winter months when feeding on plants produces less energy than it does during summer months due to lower temperatures (when plants grow more quickly).

The Cardinal

The cardinal is a bird that can be found all over North America. While it is most common in the eastern United States, it can be found as far west as New Mexico and Arizona. It has even been spotted migrating to South America during the winter months! The cardinal is the state bird of Virginia.

The Cardinal

Cardinals are known for their red feathers, though they can sometimes be orange or yellow instead. They are also known for their song, which sounds like “cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer,” with each cheer being about half a second long. Their calls can sometimes be confused with those of an American robin, but if you’re able to spot a cardinal’s bright red plumage, you won’t have any trouble identifying them!

The Virginia Big Eared Bat

When you’re camping in Virginia, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the Virginia big-eared bat.

Virginia Big Eared Bat

The Virginia big-eared bat, which is a type of vesper bat, is a medium-sized bat with a wingspan of up to 18 inches. It’s common throughout the eastern half of North America and can be found in backyards and parks as well as caves and mines.

It has large ears that help it find prey in the dark. It also has extremely long teeth—so long that they stick out from its mouth when it closes it!

The Virginia big-eared bat eats insects like moths and flies, which it catches while flying through the air at night.


Bobcats are nocturnal creatures, so you’ll have a better chance of seeing them when you’re camping in Virginia. They are mainly found in the eastern U.S., including much of Virginia, as well as parts of California and Texas.


While they are not known to be aggressive towards humans, they will attack other animals and can be dangerous if they feel threatened or cornered by humans.

They are omnivorous and tend to eat small mammals, birds, and insects; they also eat fruit, nuts, berries, and seeds if they’re available.

These medium-sized cats are native to the state, and they can be found in both rural and urban areas. If you spot one while camping, don’t approach it—just enjoy the view from afar!


Virginia is full of wildlife and nature, so it’s no surprise that a lot of people enjoy coming here for camping trips. Whether you’re looking for something along the coast or in the mountains, there is plenty to see and explore!! 

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