10 Best campsites At the Upper Pines Campground, Yosemite

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If you’re looking for a great campsite in the Upper Pines campground of Yosemite, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled details, photos and information on some of our favorites. Whether you’re traveling as a couple or solo traveler, traveling with your family or a group of friends, we have a campsite recommendation for you!

Campsite #30 – The best campsite in Upper Pines

campsite 30

Campsite #30 is a large site located near the entrance of Upper Pines Campground. It is also a short walk from the showers and bathrooms, as well as horse corrals and barns.

You can easily reach this campsite by taking Highway 140 to Yosemite National Park then traveling east on California State Route 120 (El Portal Road). Follow El Portal Road until you reach the park entrance station where you’ll pay your fee then continue up into Yosemite Valley along El Capitan Drive until reaching South Entrance Road after approximately 40 minutes at which point you’ll see signs pointing toward Upper Pines Campground which will take you another ten minutes before reaching campgrounds like Lower Pines, North Pines, Inyo and Ahwahnee.

Campsite #104 – One of the larger sites in Upper Pines

Campsite #104 is one of the larger campsites in Upper Pines, making it a great choice for groups. This spot has good privacy, with trees and shrubs separating it from its neighbors.

It’s also located near a small trail that leads down to the Merced River, making it easy to access the river for fishing or hiking. Campsite #104 offers easy access to both showers and the store, so you’ll be able to keep yourself clean and well-stocked on supplies during your trip.

Campsite #20 – A great campsite for up to 5 people

Campsite #20 is one of the best campsites in Upper Pines Campground. It has easy access to all amenities, such as restrooms and showers, and it’s also near water spigots. This is a great choice for families with children or pets because it’s close to bear boxes and ranger stations (for safety reasons). You’ll find a campfire circle nearby, which makes this site even more popular during warm weather months.

Camping here might be the most convenient option if you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your stay at Yosemite National Park. There are no campground roads here — instead, each space is tucked away among pine trees so that only those who have chosen this spot will hear anything that goes on there at night. 

There’s also an amphitheater near by where ranger programs are often held during summer months; they provide information about wildlife conservation efforts taking place throughout California forests like those found in Yosemite Valley itself!

Campsite #24 – A good selection for families or small groups

Campsite #24 is a good selection for families or small groups. This campsite has three tent pads that are located on the same flat spot, which means you can easily accommodate a smaller group of people without having to split up.

When it comes to campfires and socializing, there is plenty of room for everyone to sit around the fire ring. The site also has a separate cooking area where you can cook your meals (about 20 feet away from the tent sites).

Camping at this campsite is family friendly because it’s close to the entrance and has bathrooms available nearby. It’s also convenient if you want to use showers after spending time in Yosemite Valley hiking!

And finally, whether you’re looking for peace and quiet or fast food fixings from Curry Village Market Express next door, this location offers easy access within walking distance so there won’t be any unnecessary trips back and forth across Tioga Road when all you want is some ice cream after dinner!

Campsite #52 – A good campsite for small groups

Campsite #52 is a good campsite for small groups and families. The campground has been known to fill up early in the day, so plan ahead if you want this spot. It’s located close to the bathhouse and next to a creek, making it easy for kids to go swimming or fishing during their down time. 

This is also an excellent spot for families with young children who need a place where they can safely explore nature without needing too much adult supervision.

The campsite itself has enough space for up to five people, but there isn’t much privacy unless you set up your tent far from other campers’ tents (or bring your own shade structures). 

It’s not ideal if you’re looking for complete solitude at night because of how close together all the sites are placed; however, this also means that everyone will know each other better by morning as well!

Campsite #83 – Good for couples and solo travelers

Located by Camp 4, site 83 is one of the longest campsites in Upper Pines. It’s a good option for couples and solo travelers as well as larger groups, families, and small children traveling with dogs.

This site is also ideal for large groups looking to pitch multiple tents on top of each other (we’re talking up to 8 people) because it has enough room for everyone to be comfortable without feeling cramped. If you have kids under 18 years old who want their own space or parents who wish to have an area where they can relax alone without being bothered by the kids then this spot is perfect for them!

Campsite #57 – A great spot for large groups or families

Campsite #57 is a great spot for large groups or families. It has the benefit of being one of the few sites that can accommodate a small group, but also offers enough space to feel like you are in nature rather than an urban park.

The campground itself has great views of Half Dome and Glacier Point, it’s relatively close to the river, and it’s situated in between some trees so there is some privacy from your neighbors.

It’s also close enough to bathrooms, showers and water which makes life easier when you’re camping with a large group or family!

Campsite #86 – Close to the entrance and a decent size

Campsite #86 is a good choice if you’re looking for a campground close to the entrance. It’s also a decent size and has fire rings, bear boxes, and picnic tables.

  • Good for couples: Campsite #86 is large enough that even if you’re camping alone or with another person, there will be enough space between your tent and your neighbor’s tent that it won’t feel crowded.
  • Good for solo travelers: If you are traveling by yourself but want to meet new people on your trip, Campsite #86 is a good option because there are many other single campers who would make great companions during an evening around the campfire. Plus, some of these singles may have experience in things like hiking or rafting that they could teach you!
  • Good for groups: You can easily fit several tents into this campsite—it’s spacious enough! It’ll be easy to socialize with other people here too; just don’t forget to bring food so everyone doesn’t go hungry at dinner time 😉

Campsite #41 – A smaller site with a bit of seclusion and privacy

Campsite #41 is a smaller site with a bit of seclusion and privacy that’s close to the entrance. It’s good for couples or small groups, but can also be used as an overflow site if you have a larger group. The views aren’t as spectacular as some of the other sites, but they’re still nice. This campsite has secluded areas (with plenty of shade) which make it a great choice for families or solo travelers looking for some privacy during their stay at Yosemite National Park.

Campsite #73 – One of the few walk-in campsites in Upper Pines (and a great one at that)

Campsite #73 is ideal for large groups, solo travelers, couples, and small families. It’s one of the few walk-in campsites in Upper Pines (and a great one at that). There are two tent pads here—one on each side of you—so there will be plenty of privacy even if you’re camping with a group. Located close to the entrance, this site is convenient if you want to get up early or stay late. It also offers good views of Half Dome and Glacier Point around sunrise/sunset times.


Now you have a clear idea of the best campsites in Upper Pine, Yosemite. We hope that this article has helped you to select the right one for your needs and preferences.


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